I first started the process of this project by doing competitive audit of all the different kinds of past packaging. During this process I discovered that there were a lot of similarities with pasta packaging. A lot of the packaging was navy blue and in plain boxes. 
I did some exploration into different shapes that would set my product apart from competitors. During this process I discovered that I would need to do something that was more functional and flat so multiple products could fit on the shelf.
Once I figured out a shape I then prototyped the actual box sizing. Since I was tasked with fitting 3 different kinds of pasta I had to alter the shape multiple times to make sure it fit the correct amount.
The name Sorridere means smile in Italian, I wanted to incorporate the smile into my brand so I made the cutout to view the pasta a smile shape. I also made a pattern with the smile shape that emulates an organic shape like pasta. 
The back of Sorridere's packaging has instructions on how to cook your pasta while the side includes the nutrition facts.

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