ElevateU is a wellness program on campus at Ferris promoting resources to educate student in different dimensions of wellness. This brand was already established for about two year so a big part of this project was management along with other new tasks to help grow the brand. The three big tasks we had to complete this semester were updating the photo library, promotion and execution of the spring event, and creating a orientation video. 
For the task of updating the photo library we first started with creating a shot list for the different shots we needed. We hired a photographer as well as models for this photoshoot.  
For the Wellness Scavenger Hunt we were responsible for getting permission to display the boards along with creating a guide of how to participate if a student saw one of the murals on campus.
We were also in charge of promotion for this event so we made short animations promoting the event which were displayed on different monitors around campus. We also made an interactive pdf that the QR code went to so students could learn more information.
Our last task was to create a video to be shown at orientation to educate new students and parents of new students what ElevateU is. We first started with storyboarding and writing a script for our video. 
We worked with many different tool such as iMovie for video editing, SVGator for animations, and Adobe Audition to edit the sound. 

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