The information above is from my primary research of retirees and people about to retire. One of the retirees I talked to has a never-ending list of medications and medical problems so that is why I went with Medisafe. 
When designing the onboarding I made sure to make the text large enough to read, the buttons and text boxes large enough to click, and the option to remember the login information. I took these things into consideration because my user is retirees.
The app allows you to scan any medication and it will identify it for you. If it is something you are prescribed it will list details about the dosage you take and how long you have been taking it.
The app also allows you to message all of your physicians to schedule appoints, discuss concerns, and request prescription refills. 
Once medications have been taken for the day, only medications that have not been taken will show up. Past ones will be greyed out reminder the user they were taken.
Users are notified from various devices when it is time for their medications to be taken. These alerts will show more details stating what medications need to be taken at that time.
Some other features to note are medication reminder on the home page. To cater towards users that may suffer from dementia, when the medication is taken for the day it is greyed out to let you know you already took it. If there happens to be a medical emergency a first responder can view your medical history and list of medications. 

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