Within the process of ideation for this project I first explored 3 different concepts.
Creativity is a very big thing that sets humans apart from AI. People have the ability to think creatively and find new ways to problem solve. I moved forward with Ascent because the concept and background is more resonating with people attending the conference. 
To kickoff the event guests will receive a welcome package including a foldout poster and their badge to get into the event. The foldout poster includes information a map of the conference hall, information about the conference, speakers, and information about the talks and where they will be located.
A week prior to the event signage will be within the convention center to advertise Ascent and excite attendees.
Keynote speakers will be given access to the Ascent branded presentation template for use during their talks.
Concessions will use coasters that double as tangrams shapes. It will allow for attendees to make different images and a place for them to put their drinks at tables. This will allow attendees to socialize and problem solve with others.
Guests will receive different pins at speakers and are able to trade with other attendees. These pins, similar to the coaster, are tangrams shapes and can be mixed and matched to form different images.

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